Want to be a SHOP CERTIFIED® Privacy Auditor (SCPA)?

We are currently seeking companies and qualifying consultants who perform privacy compliance consulting, audits, develop software and provide training (HITECH, HIPAA , PCI, etc.) services for their clientele.

The SHOP CERTIFIED® designation helps your client bring in new business of their own by displaying a current SHOP CERTIFIED® logo, window sticker and wall certificate. Also, they will be featured in the searchable SHOP CERTIFIED® database on the PCA web site for consumers to view.

SHOP CERTIFIED® Privacy Auditors must complete an evaluation process and are then monitored to make sure they keep up with ever-changing best business practices in the industry.

Businesses and consultants who want to become official SHOP CERTIFIED® Privacy Auditors must simply fill out and submit this form and a representative will contact you to start the process.

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