SHOP CERTIFIED® is an initiative by the Privacy Compliance Association (PCA) that links consumers with businesses that are committed to protecting their client and employee data. The Privacy Compliance Association created the SHOP CERTIFIED® program to change the status quo. It promotes businesses who pass an inspection from a SHOP CERTIFIED® Privacy Auditor (SCPA) to interested consumers.

» The SHOP CERTIFIED® campaign is a way to prove to your customers you value their patronage, give your business an edge over your competition and turn your privacy compliance expense into a marketing investment!

» With an alarming increase in Identity Theft, consumers are concerned with protecting their personal information and are becoming more proactive to do so.  Make this concern your advantage.

» For far less investment than traditional marketing methods your business can be attracting new customers with the SHOP CERTIFIED® badge.

» Equally important, your SHOP CERTIFIED® business will know that it is compliant with federal and state privacy laws.

Businesses who are interested need only to fill out and submit this form and a representative will contact you. If you have not already completed an official audit, we will assign you a SHOP CERTIFIED® Privacy Auditor (SCPA) to help you do so.

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